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Resource Outsourcing

In business world, where words like Outsourcing and Resource Management are very common

Enterprise Solution

We understand that, setting up an enterprise application is a tedious and expensive task but we make it easy and affordable for you by providing Startups & SMBs with tools and applications needed for business work flow and service delivery. Our team has extensive experience in enterprise solution that is why we can provide comprehensive services at every stage of its life cycle from enterprise visioning, best practices evaluation, gap analysis and prototype development, from system development, integration and implementation to quality assurance and delivery systems. We provide our clients the following enterprise services:

  • Consulting Services
  • Back-End systems for Enterprise Applications.
  • Business and Customize Solutions

Web Development

We have designed our web solution services to offer streamlined, affordable and effective product packages that keeps your company's website on top among competitors. Using approaches such as eye catching graphics and websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that boost your website ranking in search engines, Social Media Marketing that can be your effective marketing and sale agent, we provide our customers targeted web solutions to achieve their business goals. Our web development services are but not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Graphic Design / Print Media

Mobile Application Development

Our vision is to be the prime provider of secure software running on hand held devices ranging from smart phones and tablets to smart automated devices. The mobile application industry has transcended the traditional carrier networks and continues to grow exponentially. In the globally economy that has yet to come out of the recession triggered by the subprime lending, smart phone applications continue to grow in a cell division like pattern. The future of mobile applications will encompass but not limited to the following areas giving a clear indication of convergence of technologies and hence the three industries they belong to, namely – the computer, the telecom and the media. We have a wide-range of portfolio for our mobile apps ranging from enterprise to independent apps, to see our complete portfolio click here.

Resource Outsourcing

In business world, where words like Outsourcing and Resource Management are very common, PEO – Professional Employer Organization is somewhat unfamiliar though not unpracticed. To avoid headaches of operations and handling employee both, PEO provides services like outsourcing employee management tasks. Seronic provides PEO services under which you manage your employees, and we handle all the HR management, recruiting and hiring, administration, payroll, handling employer risks, health care, IT infrastructure and trainings etc. With outsourcing experience and highly professional environment, our services help managing increasingly complex employee related matters and tackle all employee rights, responsibilities, and risks. Our research suggests, that migrating from in-house administration to outsourcing gives more productive results.

  • Reduced employment administration
  • Quality employment
  • Better management solutions through a team of professionals
  • Improved employment practices
  • Reduced risks and liabilities
  • More productive and profitable